A collection of raw chalcopyrite chips (peacock ore) Mexican stone featuring vibrant blues, purples, and green color.

Chalcopyrite Chips Small Raw (Peacock Ore) 500g bag

Unlock the vibrant energy of our Chalcopyrite Chips Raw, also known as Peacock Ore. Each raw chip carries the mesmerizing hues of iridescent blues, purples, and greens, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Chalcopyrite is revered for its metaphysical properties, known to enhance perception, creativity, and self-esteem. These raw chips can be used for crystal healing, chakra balancing, and meditation practices, allowing you to tap into their transformative energy. Embrace the unique beauty and potent energy of Chalcopyrite Chips Raw in your spiritual journey. Ideal for crystal enthusiasts, healers, and those seeking inner illumination.