Lava 8mm Adjustable Bracelet

Lava 8mm Adjustable Bracelet

Introducing our Lava 8mm Adjustable Bracelet, a stylish and versatile accessory that combines the natural beauty of lava stone with modern design. Each bracelet features 8mm lava stone beads, renowned for their porous texture and earthy appearance. Lava stone is prized for its grounding properties and is believed to promote strength, courage, and stability.

The adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes, while the sleek and minimalist aesthetic makes it suitable for any occasion. Simply add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava beads to enjoy aromatherapy benefits throughout the day.

Whether worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, our Lava 8mm Adjustable Bracelet is the perfect accessory for anyone seeking to harness the grounding energy of lava stone while adding a touch of style to their ensemble.

Please note: Every stone is different and unique, so there are natural variances in every piece of jewellery, stone and lamp. Additionally, handmade products may not look exactly as pictured due to variances in the handcrafting process.