A stunning natural himalayan quartz points stone on a serene white background.

POHI01 Natural Himalayan Quartz Points 1.5-2"

Discover the pristine beauty and potent energy of Natural Himalayan Quartz Points, ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches in length. Sourced from the majestic peaks of the Himalayan mountains, these exquisite crystals embody purity, clarity, and the raw power of nature. Each point is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the natural formations and inclusions that make Himalayan Quartz so sought after by collectors and healers alike.

Himalayan Quartz is renowned for its high vibrational energy and pristine clarity, making it an invaluable tool for meditation, energy work, and spiritual growth. It enhances intuition, amplifies intentions, and facilitates deep inner healing and transformation. Whether used individually or as part of a crystal grid, these points radiate pure energy, creating a sacred space for spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

Each Natural Himalayan Quartz Point is carefully selected and handpicked to ensure its quality and authenticity. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just beginning your journey with crystals, these points are a powerful addition to any collection. Let the ancient wisdom and natural beauty of Himalayan Quartz inspire you as you embark on your path towards healing, balance, and enlightenment.

Please note: Every stone is different and unique, so there are natural variances in every piece of jewellery, stone and lamp. Additionally, handmade products may not look exactly as pictured due to variances in the handcrafting process.