A black tourmaline pyramid 18-20mm stone with a silver coin on a white background.

PYBT01 Black Tourmaline Pyramid 18-20mm

The Black Tourmaline Pyramid, measuring between 18 to 20mm, is a potent and protective crystal formation that harnesses the grounding energy of black tourmaline. Each pyramid is meticulously crafted to showcase the unique beauty and powerful energy of this revered stone.

Black tourmaline is renowned for its ability to repel negative energy, making it an excellent crystal for shielding against electromagnetic radiation and psychic attacks. It is also believed to promote a sense of security, stability, and grounding. As a pyramid, black tourmaline channels its protective energies upwards, making it an ideal tool for meditation, energy work, and spiritual protection.

Embrace the grounding and protective energy of the Black Tourmaline Pyramid as you create a safe and harmonious environment in your home or sacred space. Place it near electronic devices or in areas where negative energy may linger to absorb and transmute any harmful vibrations. Let the Black Tourmaline Pyramid be your steadfast companion on your journey towards greater peace, stability, and spiritual well-being.

1 unit.

Please note: Every stone is different and unique, so there are natural variances in every piece of jewellery, stone and lamp. Additionally, handmade products may not look exactly as pictured due to variances in the handcrafting process.