WAND05 Amethyst Sphere Chakra Crystal Wand

WAND05 Amethyst Sphere Chakra Crystal Wand

The Amethyst Sphere Chakra Crystal Wand is a stunning creation designed to harmonize and align your energy centers. This wand features a quartz sphere at the top, symbolizing clarity and amplification, followed by seven amethyst spheres adorned with chakra crystals. At the base rests a quartz point, grounding and directing energy flow.

Crafted with precision and intention, each component of this wand serves a specific purpose in promoting balance and spiritual growth. The amethyst spheres resonate with the energy of the crown chakra, promoting intuition and spiritual connection, while the chakra crystals infuse each sphere with the unique qualities of their corresponding chakras.

Whether you're seeking to enhance meditation, balance your energy, or deepen your spiritual practice, the Amethyst Sphere Chakra Crystal Wand offers a powerful and versatile tool for your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

1 unit.

Please note: Every stone is different and unique, so there are natural variances in every piece of jewellery, stone and lamp. Additionally, handmade products may not look exactly as pictured due to variances in the handcrafting process.