WAND09 Labradorite Faceted Wand 4"

WAND09 Labradorite Faceted Wand 4"

Introducing our Labradorite Faceted Wand, a stunning gemstone tool measuring approximately 4 inches in length. This exquisite wand features multiple facets that catch and reflect light, showcasing the iridescent beauty of labradorite.

Labradorite is known as the stone of magic, awakening mystical and psychic abilities and enhancing intuition and spiritual insight. Its mesmerizing play of colors, known as labradorescence, captivates the imagination and stimulates the mind.

With its faceted design, this wand is perfect for energy work, crystal healing, meditation, and chakra balancing. Hold it during meditation to connect with its powerful energies or use it to direct and amplify energy flow during healing sessions.

Add a touch of mystique and magic to your spiritual practice with our Labradorite Faceted Wand, and let its radiant energy illuminate your path of self-discovery and transformation.

1 unit.

Please note: Every stone is different and unique, so there are natural variances in every piece of jewellery, stone and lamp. Additionally, handmade products may not look exactly as pictured due to variances in the handcrafting process.